Saturday, 30 July 2011

Never come back.

It is becoming a bit of a habit of mine, quickly posting literally minutes before I need to leave the house. Going to a intimate gig tonight at Independent in Sunderland. One of the regions dingiest places, but everyone loves it just the same. The band's called Hyde and Beast, and they are really good. Looking forward to it, and also having a good drink after a hectic day at work. 
After work today I decided to have a little rummage around town and bought some foundation, lipstick and a lovely Topshop dress.

It only cost £6.30, so safe to say I was buzzing! Its a leather skirt and grey top combined, and I know it doesn't look very summery but I couldn't pass up on such a good bargain! 
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! XOX

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  1. I love your makeup in these pictures, especially your eyes! I wish my lashes could look this good