Friday, 29 July 2011

Starry eyed

I've had a pretty hectic last 7 days, from working ridiculous hours to having to travel down to Leeds for an interview and getting the internet installed into the new house. I am so excited to move in. Although it is very bare at the minute, it has potential to be a gorgeous little 4 bedroom house that me and the other 3 girls will love living in! Plus we have a stray cat living in the garden and she's just had 3 kittens which are so cute! 
I also got the job that I was interviewing for. It is just a part time job for some extra cash while at uni, as I struggled last year. So I am pretty chuffed.
Also as a treat for working loads last week, Neil and I are going on a little shopping trip to Manchester on Monday to spend my well earned cash. Very excited for that as we haven't been away together since February. 
This dress is something I picked up in Leeds a while ago, £3 from H&M. Absolute bargain.
I'd also like to apologise for the arm pose that is going on it this photo. But my fringe is at that awkward length when it doesn't tie back but looks stupid when forward.

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  1. i am in exactly the same situation with the fringe business wont go past my ear, very fustrating:(