Thursday, 30 June 2011

Who run the world?

Well after an extremely tiring (yet utterly fantastic) weekend, and a few days of recovery I am back in business. And I thought it was only fitting to make this post about Glastonbury. 
Did anyone go or watch it on tv? What were your thoughts?
The 7 of us took the coach down last Wednesday morning and arrived after a 7 hour journey. It took 2 hours to get inside the festival itself due to the queues and it was the worst 2 hours of my life. Not only were my bags twice as heavy as me, dragging them through the mud while it was raining wasn't a great experience. But once we set up the tents and cracked open the cans and vodka, things dramatically improved. We spent the night walking all over the festival through Block 9 and Shangri La. (pictured below).

There is sooo much to do at Glastonbury even when there are no bands on. You can literally spend hours walking round the whole site and still not have time to fit everything in. 
On Thursday we went up to the Stone Circle to see the giant fire which was pretty spectacular. Then onto a small stage with small bands playing, which was powered by the audience riding bikes... Very fun, especially when drunk!
Friday began with a rough start. I was already so tired from the last two nights that I had a bit of a lie in and didn't get up until 1pm, just in time for Two Door Cinema Club on the Pyramid Stage. It was an amazing band to start off with as their songs always put me in a really happy mood! Then it was onto The Vaccines, Warpaint, Bright Eyes and Radiohead. I was such a bore that night and was asleep by half 10 so didn't see a headliner. But I cannot stand U2 anyway so it didn't really matter.
I spent the whole of Saturday at the Pyramid Stage watching Tinie Tempah, Paolo Nutini, Elbow (MY FAVOURITE BAND IN THE WHOLE WORLD) and Coldplay. All of which were amazing. Everyone was  up dancing for Paolo which was a lot of fun. And Elbow and Coldplay were fantastic. The atmosphere was amazing.
By Sunday I was wrecked, but forced myself to get up and go and see Laura Marling, Paul Simon, The Vaccines (again) and then the most amazing person I have ever seen before in my life... I think you all know who I mean. I even cried during her performance. 
Safe to say, I did not want my weekend to end and was truly gutted when it ended. I even thought it was better than last years. Probably because the heat was a little unbearable in 2010, but it was pretty perfect this time. Just going to end this post with a few more photos from the festival.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Build a rocket boys.

HIII EVERYONE! Did you all have a good weekend? I am in such a good mood today, as in 48 hours I will be on my way to Glastonbury! I just need to finish work tonight and I will be in THE festival mood! Is anyone else going??
I have had such a hectic few days. On Friday I worked 11 hours WITHOUT A BREAK! The pub was so busy with Kings of Leon playing that nobody had time to take a break. We just got given cans of Red Bull. I got in at 2.30am and didn't get to sleep until about 4, I was that wired haha. I am just so glad it's over, and I only have a 6 hour shift tonight which seems like nothing now.
Anyway, as well as going to Glastonbury on Wednesday, it is mine and Neil's 2 year anniversary on Thursday. He surprised me with the most beautiful dress EVER on Saturday. I love it, and just need an excuse to wear it now.

It's a H&M maxi dress, with gorgeous little gold tassels. What do you think? I also bought these earrings from Primark, I think they were about £3.50. They are so heavy though, I've just been wearing them around the house to get used to them. The picture isn't 100% clear, but you get the idea of what they look like. Dunno what's up with my camera at the minute like, probably just needs a clean.
I also thought I would show you another purchase that I've made in the last week. It was a dress from a charity shop that cost £2.45. It was a midi dress but I altered it to make it shorter so I can wear it at Glasto.
The straw hat is from H&M, in the men's section and the belt is just Primark. Has anyone bought any bargains recently?
I'm going to go back and listen to more Elbow now, until I go to work. Have a good Monday!


Friday, 17 June 2011

Treatments for damaged hair.

As mentioned in a previous post, I am giving my hair a bit of a detox. I have been using the hairdryer and straighteners a lot less, despite looking like a wild woman, and I have firmly decided I am not going to dye my hair again. As someone who constantly dyes her hair, this may be hard. I have been dark brown, black, red, ginger, bright orange, light brown and ombre and it has taken its toll on my poor hair. So after 2 years of not having it cut, I decided it was about time. I have been trying to grow my hair really long for ages but because it was so dead, as it grew it just snapped off at the ends. So it never went past a certain length. I have had the ombre cut off and it just feels so healthy! I'm just hoping that it starts to grow now. And that is why I purchased this...
Lee Stafford's Treatment For Hair Which Never Grows Past A Certain Length. It seems quite fitting. I am not sure if it makes your hair grow faster or longer as I have only just started using it but I will keep you informed. At £7.99 it is quite pricey but desperate times...
After shampooing, you scoop some out and leave it on your hair for 5 minutes. Rinse, and then condition as normal. Despite being unsure whether it makes your hair grow, it does make it feel fantastic! The tub is a little difficult to use in the shower as it is a screw top. You need an extra pair of hands I feel, to put the lid back on as you're trying to rub it into your hair. It would have been easier as a squeeze bottle like other shampoos and conditioners. I think you can buy this in a few places but I got mine from Boots.

I also purchased Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin 2 Complete Nutrition Shampoo which cost £14.99, so again a little pricey but it works absolute wonders on hair as damaged as mine.
You basically just use it as a normal shampoo, no different to any other. But after the first time I used it, I was actually able to get a brush through my hair easily once I got out of the shower. Hadn't been able to do that in ages! I used this every time I washed my hair for about 2 weeks, and then just once or twice a week after that. I can totally see a difference, so it was well worth the money. I ran out of this the other day, so need to buy another one and I am tempted to get a conditioner this time to see how that works. I think you can only buy this in specialist hair shops and hairdressers but correct me if I am wrong. That's just the only place I've seen them.

So if you have severely damaged hair, I would strongly recommend both of these products. 
Does anyone have any other tips or products like these to share? 

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Somewhere only we know.

Just a quick post tonight. I'm going for drinks in town tonight with one of my good friends who I haven't seen in a while. Looking forward to having a good catch up! I thought I would do an outfit post to show you my two latest ebay buys. Apologies for the terrible quality of the 2nd photo. I wanted to get a full body shot for once and  it just wasn't really working.

Every single item of clothing in these photos are from ebay actually! I think I may need another hobby, other than bidding for items of clothes I don't really need! Anyway, I've been after a red blazer for ages. Got this one for £1.70 which I was so chuffed about. And I'm also wearing a Primark shirt/blouse which I got for £4. I already have it in purple but it doesn't go with much so I thought I'd buy it in mink as well. Glad I did.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone! xox

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Just don't sit down cos I've moved your chair.

I am currently sitting on my bed in a room that is over flowing with suitcases and bags and all manner of things. I still haven't gotten around to unpacking fully. I really have no idea where I am going to fit all of the clothes that I brought back from Leeds on Tuesday. But on a happier note, I am so glad to have all of my clothes back. I really had forgotten about the majority of things and got loads of lovely surprises as I was moving out. My red blazer which I bought off ebay for £1.70 also arrived today so it is safe to say that I am in a very good mood.
Now that work has quietened down slightly since the Take That fiasco, I am finding it hard to think of things to fill in my time. I'd rather be at work! The last 2 days I have basically done zilch, apart from go over Neil's and watch episode after episode of Friends. I do love Friends, but there are always episodes that you have seen about 10 times so they have kinda lost their appeal. And those were the ones on yesterday. But tomorrow should be better. Not only is it payday, I am going shopping in Newcastle with Neil and then we are going for a Nandoooos yummy. I have a list of things to buy so will be skint by tomorrow evening again. I will do a blog post though with my purchases for those who may be interested.
Anyway, on to yesterdays outfit! I quickly managed to take a photo before I left but I didn't have time to post it. I wouldn't have had anything interesting to say either so maybe it's a good job I am doing it now. 
I'm wearing my Primark black maxi dress which I have been missing with my whole heart. I see so many people in black maxis and I was almost going to go and buy another just because I wanted mine back but now I do. And i'll probably never take it off. I'm currently in it now ha! 
I was so unsure about this turban when I bought it and didn't wear it for weeks after I got it. But my hair was a bit of a disgrace yesterday, 'orrible and greasy so I had no choice but to sling it on. To be honest, I am still unsure about it. Probably because Neil absolutely despises it and won't shut up about how awful it is haha. Way to make me feel good ey Neil? HA. What do you think? I need honest opinions here ladies. Seriously. If you hate it, say so. 


Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Today I decided to spruce up my blog a bit. Now that I am getting the hang of blogging I thought it would be a good time to give myself a new layout and a proper heading etc. I think it's looking quite cute.
I'm not up to much today apart from OFFICIALLY MOVING OUT OF STUDENT HALLS! YEY! My lovely dad is driving me to Leeds this afternoon so I can finally bring the rest of my clothes home. It's going to be amazing. I've forgotten what I even own so it's almost going to be like I've bought so many new clothes. I don't know if any of you have lived or are going to live in student halls, but I really did hate it. I'll not go into the reasons why, as this is a happy day and that will probably just make me angry haha. I do know loads of people that loved it though, and would carry on living in them but they were just not for me. So I am super duper excited to move into a gorgeous little house in Headingly with 3 other lovely ladies. I'll give you a tour when I go to visit it next and actually take some photos.
But what this post is really about is tattoos. I have a small tattoo on my hip which is quite crap really. I basically went into a tattooists on my 18th birthday and just picked one with no thought or anything. It doesn't bother me at all but I just wish I'd picked something better. There are a couple of ones that I particularly like, regarding design and body placement. I really like the idea of small bird outlines on the wrist. I know a few people have them but I just think they are really pretty.

Where I think tattoos look amazing though, is the top of the foot. It just looks so painful. And would maybe look a little odd when 60 year old... But for a 20 year old girl, they look good. What I would probably get would be a Cameo brooch. Do not ask me why, as I don't know. I just love the design. And I haven't seen anyone with a cameo brooch tattoo before. I'd love something like this on the top of my foot.
What do you think?

Monday, 6 June 2011


Not much to report today. Worked for 3 hours which was pretty pointless, felt like I was there for about 20minutes. And I probably paid more in bus fare than I got for working. Never mind. I did go to town after my shift to see if I could find anything nice to buy though. And that I did. I came home with a pair of jeans, belt, espadrilles and a kimono jacket, all from Primark. Only spent £21 as well so it brightened my day. I've been wanting a pair of espadrilles for a while now, just to basically throw on when it's sunny. They'll come in really handy for Glasto as well, weather permitting that is! So I thought I would show you my lovely £10 jacket from today's little haul.

Pretty isn't it? I love the colours. And it'll be perfect when it's too warm to put on a jacket. I'm particularly funny about my arms, I don't really like showing them so it's great for me. I'm wanting to buy a black scallop top to wear with it, so that's next on my list. I've seen a one on ebay for £6.99 which is identical to the topshop one so I may buy that come pay day on Friday. 
I also need to apologise for the anamalistic hair, I'm trying not to use hair driers or straighteners on it so it recovers a bit from the excessive dying. I can barely get a brush through it when soaking wet, it's that bad! So i've gone for a bit of a hair detox.
Also, if anyone read my last post you will know that I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean at the cinema on Saturday. And I wasn't impressed to be honest. Maybe it was the unexciting story line, or maybe it was the lack of Orlando Bloom. Probably the latter. I did love the mermaids though, they were beautiful! It just wasn't as good as the others I thought. I'm hopefully going to see X-men in the next week, which I have heard great things about.
And for all the people out there who love Twilight as much as me...

Saturday, 4 June 2011

You've got my heart in a headlock.

How nice was it yesterday please?! Amazing. Shame I was at work for 8 hours... But I am just trying to think of payday next Friday when I will be able to buy so many pretty things. I have my eye on a couple of H&M dresses. I am so lucky to have a wonderful boyfriend that works at H&M. 25% discount, YES PLEASE ;). I did manage to catch a couple of hours of sun so as soon as I got in from work, I quickly got out of the black and put on the most colourful top I could find. Also, I thought it was about time I introduced to the love of my life. My floppy hat...

Isn't she a beauty? I bought her off ebay about 2 months ago for £10. I haven't yet had a good excuse to wear her, but I might take her to Glastonbury. 19 days and I will be in a sunny field in Somerset, SOOO FRIGGIN' EXCITED MAN!
Anyway, tonight I am going to the cinema to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Just gutted Orlando isn't in it anymore. I love him, so yummy! Not really arsed about Keira Knightly though, she never really did it for me. Me and my mum always think she has a face that looks like it's been hit with a pan. Very wide and flat... haha. It's probably only jealousy though, getting to kiss The Bloom. I reckon I wouldn't complain if I looked like her, so it probably is just jealousy. Oh well.
What I do find annoying though, is that all the good films come out at once! There is nothing good to see for months at a time, but then for about a month you find yourself wanting to see about 5 films! I'll just have to make time to see the new X-men film and The Hangover. 
Have any of you seen any of these films? Any thoughts?

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Lots of hugs and kisses xoxoxo

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Beagle Love

Just a big 'HELLO' to fellow bloggers, from Chuck and Murphy xo


I've been working so much recently that I don't know what to do with myself on my day off. Work has been so unbelievably hectic the past 5 days. Take That have played at The Stadium of Light (Sunderland's football stadium) for 4 days and I have never seen so many people in a pub at any one time before. We were rushed off our feet. And if I didn't hate Take That before this weekend, I do now! 
Anyway, I thought today was a good time to do an outfit post seeing as though I am not spending the day in my all black uniform. I'm not doing anything in particular today, but I fancied putting on something decent as I am back to work tomorrow and 'back to black'.

I bought this playsuit off ebay about 4 month ago, and I have worn it so many times. It looks great with tights during the day, or with heels on a night out. Very versatile. It's a Henry Holland playsuit with coloured lips all over it. I've teamed it with a belt and Topshop brouges. No tights today either as the sun has decided to make  an appearance. 
Before I go in the garden, I intend to make a start with Desperate Housewives. I am up to date with all of my other programmes so thought it was a good a time as any to give it a watch. 
Keep well xox