Wednesday, 27 April 2011


I GOT THE JOB! All of your 'Good luck's' paid off so a massive thankyou to you all!
I have my induction next Tuesday and I should start properly on Wednesday. I am looking forward to pay day already!
Just thought I'd leave a quick post thanking you all for your wonderful and lovely comments. I am overwhelmed by the amount I have gotten since starting my blog 7 days ago, I really didn't think my life would be as interesting for people to actually take the time to read about it. So for that, I love you all.
And goodnight :) xoxo

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


I have been desperately searching for a job since I first went to uni last September with no luck. Until a week ago. I had my interview this morning at my local Wetherspoon's. I don't want to jinx it by saying that it went well. Really well... I was so nervous beforehand but it worked to my advantage, I hope! I'll let you know how it went as soon as I find out.

I'm currently over the boyfriends now watching 90210 while he plays on football manager, the worst game ever invented!! Anyone agree?! Wore the outfit below, just something I threw together in the last minute as I am running out of clothes due to the majority of them still being in Leeds! I really need to move out properly for the summer, with me spending the next few months back home.

Shirt: Primark, Scarf: H&M, Jeans: Topshop

For some reason, this new camera makes me look as though my make up is an inch thick! It's not really.
Hopefully I will have good news tomorrow regarding a job, but until then PEACE xoxo

Monday, 25 April 2011

When I win the lottery: ALEXANDER MCQUEEN

I can honestly say that I don't think there is one item of clothing by Alexander Mcqueen that I don't love. So i've picked out 3 of my favourite dresses that I will surely purchase when I win the lottery. 'WHEN' not 'IF' haha.
                 #1: £570                  #2: £3540                  #3: £6670

Hope my lucky day comes pretty sharpish as I have events planned already that I would wear these to!
I absolutely love the pattern on the first dress. I adore the beading on the second dress. And the third dress just speaks for itself. BEAUTIFUL!

Hope everyone is having a great bank holiday and the weather is as nice where you are as it is here in sunny Sunderland! xoxo

Sunday, 24 April 2011


A week ago today, I managed to grab a Glastonbury re-sale ticket. I went last year and it had to be the most amazing 5 days of my life, so I was truly gutted when I didn't manage to get a ticket last October for this years festival. But my luck took a turn for the better and me and my boyfriend got ours last Sunday. It would be an understatement to say that I cannot wait! It will be amazing!
I decided to do a 'Wish-list' post, which will just be festival wear. This will be my 5th festival, and clothes shopping for them is so much fun. I love picking out my wellies and hats!

Everything in this post is from Topshop apart from the 2 pairs of wellies. The black ones are Vivienne Westwood which I adore but unfortunately won't be purchasing. They are amazing but I don't think I could part with £75 just for a pair of wellies as they only get covered in mud. I love these blue quilted ones from Next though which are a more reasonable £25. 
I tend to buy most of my festival wear from Topshop as they have everything to need for every type of weather. If anyone has ever been to a festival you will know that one minute it is glorious sunshine and the next it is pouring down with rain! So it's always handy to have a rain coat, and this bright yellow one is great!

Hope you are having a brilliant Easter, and got lots of choccies unlike me :(
At least the weather is fantastic, off to sunbathe! PEACE xoxo

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Champagne for my real friends. Real pain for my sham friends.

Sooooo I went to the Frankie & the Heartstrings gig last night, and unfortunately it wasn't as good as I had hoped. I don't know if it was the venue or how wrecked the band members were haha, but we ended up leaving early as it got a bit boring towards the end.
I haven't been up to much for the rest of the day. Caught up with One Tree Hill, one of life's real pleasures! And I am currently sitting at my boyfriends house while we watch Indiana Jones for the 100th time!
What I wore is pictured below. I am thinking of doing a quite a few outfits posts in the next few weeks, just until I get the hang of the whole blogging thing.

High waisted jeans: Topshop, Shirt: Primark, Long Waistcoat: Sainsbury's

I am so into my high waisted jeans at the minute! I think it's only because I can finally fit into them again, for the first time in almost 2 years. Catching up on lost time ha.
Plus, I love this long waistcoat which goes with pretty much anything. I spotted it from between the apples at my local supermarket recently haha, and just thought I had to purchase. Glad I did.
Until tomorrow lovelies, PEACE xoxo

Friday, 22 April 2011


So, 2nd post in one day. I think I'm doing well!
I'm off to a gig tonight, going to see Frankie & the Heartstrings. They're a local band from Sunderland and it's good to see that they're doing quite well! Just released their first album, check 'em out! I'll let you know how it is tomorrow.

This is the outfit I am going to wear, which was pretty much put together in about 5 minutes. I never feel as though you have to make an effort when going to gigs. You're usually covered in beer by the end of the night anyway so there's no point wearing anything particularly decent ha!

Top: Topshop dress worn as a top, Skirt: H&M, Coat: Mam's wardrobe!

I am loving the colour red at the minute, hence the lippy and coat! I am desperate for a bright red blazer but this coat is doing alright until then!

And this is my pup Murphy. He's a babe right?! Thought I'd introduce him as I am more than likely going to talk about him quite a bit. I love him too much haha.

PEACE! xoxo


Having pretty much finished my first year at university, I have decided to start my own blog. I have so much time to kill over the summer (OVER 4 MONTHS), so thought it would be a good a time as any to create one. Not only for those who may be interested (I doubt there are many haha) but also way to spend my time, rather than watching episode after episode of gossip girl!
Just to introduce myself, my name is Charlotte but you can call me Chuck. I am a 20 year old student at Leeds Met university and have a great love for many things fashion related.. But that's nothing new I suppose.
I intend to do outfit posts (although I haven't quite mastered that technique yet as I am not a one for posing), make-up previews and basically posts about what I get up to during my day to day life. Most will probably be boring but I am new so we shall just see how it goes!
Au revoir!