Monday, 20 June 2011

Build a rocket boys.

HIII EVERYONE! Did you all have a good weekend? I am in such a good mood today, as in 48 hours I will be on my way to Glastonbury! I just need to finish work tonight and I will be in THE festival mood! Is anyone else going??
I have had such a hectic few days. On Friday I worked 11 hours WITHOUT A BREAK! The pub was so busy with Kings of Leon playing that nobody had time to take a break. We just got given cans of Red Bull. I got in at 2.30am and didn't get to sleep until about 4, I was that wired haha. I am just so glad it's over, and I only have a 6 hour shift tonight which seems like nothing now.
Anyway, as well as going to Glastonbury on Wednesday, it is mine and Neil's 2 year anniversary on Thursday. He surprised me with the most beautiful dress EVER on Saturday. I love it, and just need an excuse to wear it now.

It's a H&M maxi dress, with gorgeous little gold tassels. What do you think? I also bought these earrings from Primark, I think they were about £3.50. They are so heavy though, I've just been wearing them around the house to get used to them. The picture isn't 100% clear, but you get the idea of what they look like. Dunno what's up with my camera at the minute like, probably just needs a clean.
I also thought I would show you another purchase that I've made in the last week. It was a dress from a charity shop that cost £2.45. It was a midi dress but I altered it to make it shorter so I can wear it at Glasto.
The straw hat is from H&M, in the men's section and the belt is just Primark. Has anyone bought any bargains recently?
I'm going to go back and listen to more Elbow now, until I go to work. Have a good Monday!



  1. Both those dresses are so beautiful, you look stunning! And eeee Glastonbury! I still have to pack and I don't think the reality of where I'll be in a few days has really sunk in yet. I hope you have an amazing time, and happy anniversary! x

  2. Dresses are gorgeous! Loving the alterations you did on the blue number, I'd never have thought of doing that! Have a great time at Glastonbury!
    Mel xx

  3. Those earrings are amazing! Love your blog! Hey would you check out mine? If you follow I would be happy to return the favor!
    thanks so much!

  4. love your style!! your super pretty as well

  5. Ahhh have loads of fun at Glasto! (I'm sure you will, I'm sad not to be going this year :( I love both dresses, the one you altered is a beauty and the one your boy got you is perfect as well! xx

  6. love both dresses, i like the one from charity shop too, wish i could find something so nice in one, :)

  7. love these outfits! that second dress is my fave! and i bought a hat from the men's section of h&m too that i love! have fun on your trip! :)

  8. Love your blog babe- following! :) x

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog, I'd love it if you took part :)

  9. Love that dress. Your so lucky, it's me and my boy's 4 year anniversary in a week's time, I don't think he's even remembered about it let alone got me a present!