Thursday, 30 June 2011

Who run the world?

Well after an extremely tiring (yet utterly fantastic) weekend, and a few days of recovery I am back in business. And I thought it was only fitting to make this post about Glastonbury. 
Did anyone go or watch it on tv? What were your thoughts?
The 7 of us took the coach down last Wednesday morning and arrived after a 7 hour journey. It took 2 hours to get inside the festival itself due to the queues and it was the worst 2 hours of my life. Not only were my bags twice as heavy as me, dragging them through the mud while it was raining wasn't a great experience. But once we set up the tents and cracked open the cans and vodka, things dramatically improved. We spent the night walking all over the festival through Block 9 and Shangri La. (pictured below).

There is sooo much to do at Glastonbury even when there are no bands on. You can literally spend hours walking round the whole site and still not have time to fit everything in. 
On Thursday we went up to the Stone Circle to see the giant fire which was pretty spectacular. Then onto a small stage with small bands playing, which was powered by the audience riding bikes... Very fun, especially when drunk!
Friday began with a rough start. I was already so tired from the last two nights that I had a bit of a lie in and didn't get up until 1pm, just in time for Two Door Cinema Club on the Pyramid Stage. It was an amazing band to start off with as their songs always put me in a really happy mood! Then it was onto The Vaccines, Warpaint, Bright Eyes and Radiohead. I was such a bore that night and was asleep by half 10 so didn't see a headliner. But I cannot stand U2 anyway so it didn't really matter.
I spent the whole of Saturday at the Pyramid Stage watching Tinie Tempah, Paolo Nutini, Elbow (MY FAVOURITE BAND IN THE WHOLE WORLD) and Coldplay. All of which were amazing. Everyone was  up dancing for Paolo which was a lot of fun. And Elbow and Coldplay were fantastic. The atmosphere was amazing.
By Sunday I was wrecked, but forced myself to get up and go and see Laura Marling, Paul Simon, The Vaccines (again) and then the most amazing person I have ever seen before in my life... I think you all know who I mean. I even cried during her performance. 
Safe to say, I did not want my weekend to end and was truly gutted when it ended. I even thought it was better than last years. Probably because the heat was a little unbearable in 2010, but it was pretty perfect this time. Just going to end this post with a few more photos from the festival.


  1. Hey :) You have a really interesting blog!


  2. aw looks like you had a really good time! and it looked fab!

    LO X

  3. I'm so jealous that you went! The line up was fantastic this year. Hope you had a great weekend!

    Kat xx