Friday, 17 June 2011

Treatments for damaged hair.

As mentioned in a previous post, I am giving my hair a bit of a detox. I have been using the hairdryer and straighteners a lot less, despite looking like a wild woman, and I have firmly decided I am not going to dye my hair again. As someone who constantly dyes her hair, this may be hard. I have been dark brown, black, red, ginger, bright orange, light brown and ombre and it has taken its toll on my poor hair. So after 2 years of not having it cut, I decided it was about time. I have been trying to grow my hair really long for ages but because it was so dead, as it grew it just snapped off at the ends. So it never went past a certain length. I have had the ombre cut off and it just feels so healthy! I'm just hoping that it starts to grow now. And that is why I purchased this...
Lee Stafford's Treatment For Hair Which Never Grows Past A Certain Length. It seems quite fitting. I am not sure if it makes your hair grow faster or longer as I have only just started using it but I will keep you informed. At £7.99 it is quite pricey but desperate times...
After shampooing, you scoop some out and leave it on your hair for 5 minutes. Rinse, and then condition as normal. Despite being unsure whether it makes your hair grow, it does make it feel fantastic! The tub is a little difficult to use in the shower as it is a screw top. You need an extra pair of hands I feel, to put the lid back on as you're trying to rub it into your hair. It would have been easier as a squeeze bottle like other shampoos and conditioners. I think you can buy this in a few places but I got mine from Boots.

I also purchased Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin 2 Complete Nutrition Shampoo which cost £14.99, so again a little pricey but it works absolute wonders on hair as damaged as mine.
You basically just use it as a normal shampoo, no different to any other. But after the first time I used it, I was actually able to get a brush through my hair easily once I got out of the shower. Hadn't been able to do that in ages! I used this every time I washed my hair for about 2 weeks, and then just once or twice a week after that. I can totally see a difference, so it was well worth the money. I ran out of this the other day, so need to buy another one and I am tempted to get a conditioner this time to see how that works. I think you can only buy this in specialist hair shops and hairdressers but correct me if I am wrong. That's just the only place I've seen them.

So if you have severely damaged hair, I would strongly recommend both of these products. 
Does anyone have any other tips or products like these to share? 


  1. I use the Aussie deep treatment - that works wonders for my hair. I've never had much luck with the Lee Stafford products - they've always left my hair really greasy.

  2. I use the Aussie 3 minute miracle, which is wonderful and such a lovely scent too.

  3. the bain satin sounds awesome!

  4. the keratease sounds great!
    i really reccommend redken anti-snap and all soft shampoo
    but something that has really saved my previously BLEACHED hair, is herbal esscences believe it or not! the blue and red shampoo/conditioners work wonders!