Thursday, 14 July 2011

Go your own way.

Well I have had a right interesting few days! Me and my bestest went out on Saturday night, which ended up being amazing. The unplanned ones always end up being the best don't they?! But in the taxi home I spilt a few chips so he locked me out of the taxi and locked my friend inside demanding £30! We were right outside of my house where I could have easily gotten some kitchen towel and wiped them up so we refused to pay. BUT THEN, he rang the police haha! It is so funny now thinking about it. When the police came they totally took our side and were well annoyed at the driver for calling them out at 5am over a few chips. So they told him to 'do one' and drove my mate home. CRAZY NIGHT.
Then the next day I woke up with a really swollen eye, it looked horrendous. And that turned out to be a slight allergic reaction to hair dye. But it's gone now thankfully.
I am quite annoyed at myself for dying my hair though after I promised I wouldn't. My roots were just getting so bad though that I couldn't help myself. I need a slap on the wrist.
I did buy myself this gorgeous poncho/cape thing that I've been wanting for weeks but my local Primark never seemed to have it in. I spotted it on Tuesday though and could not help myself. Especially seeing as it was the only one!

Anyone going to see Harry Potter tomorrow? Excited doesn't even cover it AAAAHHH!



  1. haha funny taxi story! taxi drivers can be such pricks. similar things have happened to friends of mine, so i try not to eat anything in taxi's just incase it happens to me!

    also love the poncho/cape, i've seen it in primark and always debated about buying it myself (elizabeth) x

  2. Love the poncho! Saw that walking through Primark the other day, I knitted 3 in January so can't justify another one right now :( Mel xx