Saturday, 16 July 2011

between order and randomness

So yet again I have gone and changed the layout of my blog. I clearly just get bored far too easily. I just see so many pretty ones and get envious, but I have decided to just keep it simple this time. No doubt in a weeks time I will find it too boring and change it again.
I am also contemplating giving my blog a better name. 'CHUCK' was just the first thing that popped into my head when I started my blog in April, and I feel as though it needs something a bit better. But that has yet to come to me.
So as stated in my previous post, I went against the promise I made to myself and dyed my hair again (from which I am still recovering from the allergic reaction). 
It looks quite brown in the photo but it is more of a v.light brown/dark blonde in the light. I am quite happy with it, considering I have gotten rid of my god awful roots. This is the lightest I have ever been, hair wise. And I am tempted to go lighter, just because I haven't before... I WILL be bald by the time I am 30.


  1. I love messing with hair colour - can totally change appearances. I use to be a total addict when it came to changing my blog appearance. Then I realised the font I had has my header on my old laptop never appeared on my parents or my netbook, so I gave up messing with it after that lol

  2. You are really pretty, love the hair! Thanks so much for following :)