Tuesday, 17 May 2011

xoxo gossip girl

No doubt a lot of you are obsessed with gossip girl as much as I am. Not only does the drama completely suck you in to the Upper East Side, the clothes are to die for! I don't think, out of the total of 88 episodes that I have watched, I haven't literally said out loud "I would do anything for that dress/jacket/heels etc etc" So I have put together a little mish-mash of my all time favourite outfits from the show. 
This Oscar De La Renta gown was the one Blair wore in Paris. I could hardly breathe when I saw it and only wished that I was wearing it in Paris... 

This dress was probably on par with the red one for being an all time favourite gown. Made by Jenny Packman, and just beautiful in every way. I love the contrasting blue beads and the long sleeves. Very unusual but stunning.

This was Blair's prom dress, and it only make me green with envy. Why couldn't I have worn this Marchesa dress to my prom?

This is a more 'casual' outfit that Serena wore while in Paris and I love the blue colour of these trousers and the gold sequin jacket.

This one takes me back to the first series when the girls were still in school and I loved the cross over ties they wore. I bought one off ebay a few days ago after toying with the idea for weeks. I'll do an outfit post when it arrives. I just think they look so cute and different.
Now I for one am not a fan of Vanessa Abrams anymore, she seems to mess too many things up. But I have always loved her style. Its really laid back, yet dressy at the same time. Such as wearing colourful, patterend shorts with heels while just going to get coffee. Something I wish I could get away with!

Another favorite Vanessa Abrams outfit. Flowery shorts with a vest and heels to make it both fun yet dressy.

But all I want to know is, how can anyone wear heels as much as they do? I wish I could last more than a few hours, never mind all day. I doubt I will ever understand anyone who can, despite being utterly jealous.
Anyway, I am probably going to be spending the rest of the day googling outfits from the series, and being totally envious. What a thrilling life I lead!

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  1. I could just stare at outfits from Gossip Girl all day, they're all so gorgeous, how I wish my bank account could stretch to the odd Marchesa gown or two! x