Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Edge Of Glory

I'm on the ball with posts today, mainly because I am bored. I've decided to do an outfit post for both yesterday and today. I really liked what I wore yesterday but didn't have time to take a photo so I quickly took some today with that outfit before getting ready properly.

I am waiting (im)patiently for my cross tie like the one off Gossip Girl, but decided to try one out with ribbon aswell. The shirt is my 15 year old brothers, chuffed I fit into it! I did like this outfit but probably won't wear it again. Not until I can be bothered to buy my own shirt and my proper tie comes.Can't wait! So I am thinking of this outfit as a bit of a trial run, and safe to say it worked for me.

 Anyhooo, this is what I am wearing to go over Neil's (the bf) tonight. A £3 H&M sale mini-dress and my Topshop leather jacket which I pretty much live in. Apologies for the terrible posing as well. It's clearly not a good day, plus I need to leave in half an hour so I 'aint got much time.

Also, how amazing was Gaga at The Big Weekend?! New found appreciation.

Let me know what you think, kiss kiss


  1. WOW.
    I love your ribbon and the colour of your dress.
    Follow and comment and I'll follow back?;-)

  2. I love your leather jacket!!!! x

  3. Thankyou! Really appreciate the feedback xo