Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Last night I went to a gig in Newcastle to see Warpaint. If you haven't heard of them I suggest you check them out as they are really good. I was suprised by what they wore though. Combats, scruffy tshirts and beanie hats... They looked as though they didn't make any effort whatsoever and had just rolled out of bed. But it actually kind of worked.
I decided to do an outfit post of what I wore last night. I honestly spent no less than 2 hours trying to decide what to wear. Major remorse now, as I am currently having to tidy up my floordrobe! Honestly, clothes are everywhere! But I am quite glad I persevered  as I like what I eventually came up with: 2 dresses worn as 1.

 Orange dress: H&M   Black dress: Primark   Belt: Ebay

I've had both dresses for a while now, and have worn them both quite a bit so I've never been that inclined to wear either of them anymore. But they look like completely different items like this so I am happy.
I'm off to finish my tidying, oh the joys! And then try to find somewhere online that will let me watch Geordie Shore. It has brought shame onto the North East i'm sure. I cringe just watching the adverts! But it should be funny non the less, seeing as I went to school with one of the girls!



  1. Love Warpaint! And these two dresses as one looks really good, I love the print on the black dress and the colours match really well! x

  2. You look awesome, what a lethal combination.

    Bet you were a head-turner at the concert. :)

    The Cat Hag

  3. love the dress combination! just came across your blog so i'm reading over a lot of your posts and I like it lots.. :)