Monday, 23 May 2011


What I want more than anything in the world right now, is a pair of these babies! I've wanted these American Apparel Disco pants in black for sooo long but have never had the money to buy them, seeing as I've been living on a shoestring budget for the last year. This has also made me appreciate money a little more so I don't know if I could part with £70 for a pair (I am sure the price has gone up!!).
So I keep looking on ebay, with no luck so far. So if anyone spots a black pair in M or L, LET ME KNOW!


  1. I've wanted a pair of these for so long too but have never had the courage to buy them. I think they're so amazing, they remind me of Sandy's Grease transformation slightly! I can see me wearing them with everything too. Hope you manage to track a cheap pair down, I'll keep an eye out! x

  2. They're amazing aren't they! But thats a whole weeks wage gone. I'm still trying to figure if they're worth it, and im swaying forward yes ha. xo