Thursday, 26 May 2011

Strangeness and Charm

Just a quick outfit post today, with what I'm wearing to go over my boyfriends. May seem a little dressy to sit around and do nothing but my friend has had this grey blazer of mine for over a year and I am so happy to finally get it back, that I can't stop wearing it! Making up for lost time I guess. 

Blue jeans: Primark   Top: Topshop   Blazer: Vintage   Hat: H&M   Shoes: Primark   

I adore these Primark shoes, and they only cost a tenner! I've had to wear them around the house for a day though to wear them in as they were quite stiff when I got them. This hat I love as well but I have had it for so long now that it is ridiculously bent out of shape. I like it too much to not wear it anymore though.
I'll probably do another post at some point over the weekend as I am going to a small musical festival tomorrow in Newcastle with local bands. I'll let you knowhow it is. Should be good though, can't wait! 
So until then, xo


  1. Love the blazer and the bright blue jeans! The festival sounds fun, enjoy :) xx

  2. cant believe they are from primark, they look much more expensive in the photo

  3. love the hat and love the shoes nearly bought some from NL the other day but now i know primark stock them i wll get them from there xxxxxx

  4. cant find these in my primark anywhee:'(

    great blog though:)