Monday, 6 June 2011


Not much to report today. Worked for 3 hours which was pretty pointless, felt like I was there for about 20minutes. And I probably paid more in bus fare than I got for working. Never mind. I did go to town after my shift to see if I could find anything nice to buy though. And that I did. I came home with a pair of jeans, belt, espadrilles and a kimono jacket, all from Primark. Only spent £21 as well so it brightened my day. I've been wanting a pair of espadrilles for a while now, just to basically throw on when it's sunny. They'll come in really handy for Glasto as well, weather permitting that is! So I thought I would show you my lovely £10 jacket from today's little haul.

Pretty isn't it? I love the colours. And it'll be perfect when it's too warm to put on a jacket. I'm particularly funny about my arms, I don't really like showing them so it's great for me. I'm wanting to buy a black scallop top to wear with it, so that's next on my list. I've seen a one on ebay for £6.99 which is identical to the topshop one so I may buy that come pay day on Friday. 
I also need to apologise for the anamalistic hair, I'm trying not to use hair driers or straighteners on it so it recovers a bit from the excessive dying. I can barely get a brush through it when soaking wet, it's that bad! So i've gone for a bit of a hair detox.
Also, if anyone read my last post you will know that I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean at the cinema on Saturday. And I wasn't impressed to be honest. Maybe it was the unexciting story line, or maybe it was the lack of Orlando Bloom. Probably the latter. I did love the mermaids though, they were beautiful! It just wasn't as good as the others I thought. I'm hopefully going to see X-men in the next week, which I have heard great things about.
And for all the people out there who love Twilight as much as me...


  1. That jacket is so nice, and such pretty colours :)

  2. I love Twilight it's my guilty pleasure, that trailer looks so exciting, I can't wait! Love your little kimono too, the colours are just perfect xxx

  3. OMG thankyou for posting this i didnt even know the trailor was out:( but it looks amazing hope they dont leave alot out of the book but by the looks of it they dont:D

    bw i was gonna get this for my hols, but looks like its too late, it looks brill on you though:)

  4. That kimono is gorgeous :) And I'm so so excited for Breaking Dawn x

  5. THANK YOU for sharing this trailor, I didn't even know it was out! Can't believe we've got to wait until november! By the way you're giving me hair envy!!

    I've got a giveaway worth £45 running over at my blog which you are more than welcome to enter :)

    great tatoo!