Sunday, 1 May 2011

Primark shopping.

I took a trip to Newcastle yesterday to go shopping. I haven't been able to go clothes shopping probably since I started uni in September due to my lack of money. But as a celebration for finally getting a job, I decided to treat myself. Plus I have a bit extra cash now that I have moved home for the summer as I get my food paid for. Major bonus!
Anyway I bought a dress, skirt, shoes, sandals, nail varnish and some new foundation. The clothes and shoes were all from Primark and I only spend £40! Total bargain, considering they really do have some lovely clothes in at the moment. The weather is perfect today to wear my new clothes so below is what I bought. I am wearing the mustard dress as a top underneath the skirt as I love the two colours together!

The skirt is probably my favourite purchase. I am loving the midi lengths as the minute. I did buy a a midi skirt off ebay about a month ago but it was bright white and it just didn't seem to look right on me. Probably because I am so pale. So I got this navy one and it's great! Really light and floaty so perfect for warm weather, but also a great length for those who don't like showing a lot of flesh like myself.
These are the sandals I also bought. I was looking for a pair which didn't have a t-bar between the toes as I find them uncomfortable after a while, so when I saw these ones I just had to get them. Plus they were only £6! 
I will do another post later in the week probably showing the other pair of shoes I bought, so watch this space! 
Hope you've all had a great weekend! xoxo


  1. I love the skirt too! I know what you mean about things not looking right because you are pale! xxx

  2. It can be a right pain can't it! I must remember to not buy white clothing from now on ha xox

  3. i love your dress/top, such a lovely colour and that skirt is beautiful x

  4. Really like your skirt! I love the whole midi trend but my legs aren't long enough to pull it off, I look ridiculous in anything that isn't fairly short or full length. I'm really pale and hate it when you find some really nice clothes but they just wash you out. If only I'd been born with olive skin!xo

  5. nice outfit, and i love your top! :)

    dejoiss ♥

  6. Ahhh your top is gorgeous. <3

  7. Lovely ensemble the top is very nice indeed, Primark have too many good things at the mo! xx